Selected work for clients, employers or myself.

Facade Generator 2


A tool for creating quick doodles to speed up architectural sketching. Originally written in ActionScript in 2004. Redesigned and rewritten in D3.js in 2017.

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Architecture office websites

Portfolio websites created during 2011–2017 for several architecture offices, such as Harris-Kjisik Architects, Huttunen-Lipasti-Pakkanen Architects, Studio Puisto Architects and many more.

Helsinki Bites

Three mobile apps for experiencing the history of Helsinki through maps, old photographs and other digitized material. Created for Helsinki City Museum in collaboration with Prakt.

Finnish Architecture Navigator

A responsive website for discovering, bookmarking and sharing the best of Finnish architecture on a map. Created for Architecture Information Centre Finland.

Budjetoi puisto – Budget Your Park

A map-based design game to test participatory budgeting on neighborhood level. Designed and built for the city of Espoo in collaboration with WSP.

  • Winner, ‘Most Potential Innovation’ category, The Mayor’s Innovation Competition, City of Espoo, 2015
  • Winner, ‘Public Services and Active Citizens’ category, Open Finland Challenge 2015, 2015
  • Winner, Category for Public Sector and Not-for-Profit Organizations, Quality Innovation of the Year competition, Laatukeskus – Excellence Finland, 2015

Agent-based Urban Planning

Turning the typical urban planning process upside down by modeling the known behavior of individual households and making the built environment adapt to their needs. Developed as a project researcher at Aalto University.

Redesigning to encourage citizen participation in lawmaking and other legal matters. Creating prototypes for evaluating alternative designs. Made for Ministry of Justice Finland with Demos Helsinki.

Helsinki Youth Department Service Renewal

Rethinking the digital operations of Helsinki Youth Department. Gathering the widely scattered websites, apps and other digital services under one domain for better accessibility and wider outreach.

  • Winner, ‘Citizen Voice’ category, Apps4Finland 2013 Competition, 2013
  • Winner, ‘City of the Youth’ category, Apps4Finland 2013 Competition, 2013

Helsinki Airport Travellab

Designing and testing about 20 new service concepts at Helsinki Airport. Helping Finavia adopt more customer-driven and agile ways of working. Made with Hellon and Ida Kukkapuro.

  • Winner, ‘Prototyping for organisational change’ category, Service Design Award, Service Design Network, 2015
  • Winner, Service Design category, Vuoden Huiput – The Best of Finnish Advertising and Design competition, Grafia, 2015


A communications and business plan for strengthening the area identity of Majvik and engaging future residents in its planning. Made for the municipality of Sipoo.

Aalto Built Environment Lab


A feasibility study for a new research laboratory that would focus on immersive technologies and other digital tools in urban planning. Made for Aalto University with Sankari architects.

Restaurant Day

Leading the design and development of Restaurant Day‘s website and mobile apps. Helping the event spread from Helsinki to more than 70 countries and thus become the world’s biggest food festival.

  • Finnish Travel Award, Finnish Fair Foundation, 2014
  • Social Media Event of the Year, Some Awards Finland, Aller Media, 2013
  • Winner, ‘Company excelling in mobile services utilization’ category, Best Mobile Service in Finland Competition, Teleforum Ry, 2012
  • Best Event, Best of Helsinki vote, Helsinki City Tourism and Convention Bureau, 2012
  • Gadget of the year, Glorian Ruoka & Viini magazine, 2012
  • Cultural Act of the Year, Awarded by Helsinki City Library and Cultural Committee, 2012
  • Finland Prize, Ministry of Education and Culture Finland, 2011

Tekla BIMsight

Leading the design and development of Tekla BIMsight, an award-winning tool that makes viewing, sharing and managing 3D models in a construction project faster, cheaper and easier.

  • Winner, Business Tools and Software category, Most Innovative Product competition, World of Concrete Exhibition, 2012
  • Gold Innovation Award, Batimat International Building Exhibition, 2011
  • Hottest Technology Product, Modern Steel Construction magazine, 2011

Rethinking Computer-aided Urban Planning

Master’s thesis in architecture on using computer as an extension to your thinking instead of a more accurate pen. How such approach would change urban planning as a process. Made at Aalto University.

Finnish Design Äpy


Working as the editor-in-chief of student magazine Äpy. Managing the work of ca. 30 fellow students and being in charge of the contents and visual appearance of the magazine.

Jyrki Vanamo tmi

Creating websites and other digital services, visual identities, layouts and illustrations for various clients.


To hire me, request an appearance or discuss a project, please contact me via, +358 50 547 0020, LinkedIn or Facebook.


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